Required to find a radical solution to the political crisis and Reform Commission held a meeting
Baghdad / justice - 12/07/2012 - 1:35 AM | Hits: 18

The committee of reform emanating from the National Alliance will hold a meeting within the next two days in order to direct and move the paper through the reform to meet with the political forces.

Empowered by the political body of the National Alliance last week to reform the Commission open to the rest of the political blocs and the study and reform paper and listen to their comments thereon. Said committee member Abbas al-Bayati said his committee "will be held during the next two days of the regular meeting immediately moving the paper through the reform of the political forces to meet the capital Baghdad." The Commission for the Reform of three meetings and said it completed about 90% of the business assigned to it by the political body of the National Alliance. In light of the crisis and the state of estrangement and distrust between the political parties and dominates the landscape of the state of tension, With the introduction of a draft paper for political reform from by the National Alliance and include the clauses and terms central to paint a map of the political process, but there goes that the reform process will not produce results acceptable to the difficulty of the stage and multiple levels of the crisis. In this regard, said the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi that the application of paper reforms announced by the National Alliance has become impossible, explaining that to question the prime minister within the parliament and the withdrawal of confidence from the government is the only option to repair the political situation, Allawi said that "all constitutional options are on the table with the political parties including the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister. He pointed out that "the National Alliance, he must take responsibility and initiate reforms announced but it seems that this issue has become impossible in this period." Alawi said that "the policy of reform need to be through Salk in order to be saying that "the Iraqi List, will be all constitutional options available to solve the problems existing." to that, the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the need to implement provisions of the constitution and agreements concluded between the political blocs to find a radical solution to the political crisis. A statement of the region that "Barzani held talks with Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, the former president of the Council of Representatives were exchanged views on the general situation and the political process, democracy and the crisis taking place in Iraq. "turn confirms the National Alliance on his efforts to hold the overall reform process in Jdmaa state institutions, through the role played by the Reform Committee to communicate with all the forces and beginning a process of dialogue between all parties to reach a satisfactory settlement to the crisis. In this regard, said the National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein Abtan that there is a real desire by the coalition in the reforms are real and confirmed Abtan that the desire of the National Alliance is the reunion between all parties involved in the political process and to reach solutions and the results serve the interests of everyone. "Noted Abtan on need to be reforms, not on the basis of a crisis, but to be the future of the country and avoid the crises that would impede the march of the political process. "He Abtan the existence of a crisis of confidence between the political blocs, indicating that we need a constructive dialogues for as long as there is a constitution that guarantees the right of everyone." He pointed to the existence of Abtan initiatives is not to resolve the crisis between the blocks, but actually to improve service and security and the economy