Finance Committee: Hosting Finance Minister today in Parliament to discuss the law of the infrastructure
Published on Wed, July 12 / 8:20 يوليو 2012 | posted by: Sapreen | | | Hits: 25

BAGHDAD / With: Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that the meeting of the Council of Representatives on Thursday, will host the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi to discuss with him about the law of the infrastructure.
Said committee member Rep. Najiba Najib told in the future that "hosting only come to find out some answers from the Minister of Finance on a draft law now existing infrastructure in the Commission services and reconstruction."
"The law was first read and read again and now is waiting for cycle to a vote and there are a number of questions will be forwarded to the Minister in this regard so that MPs are aware of what the law before the vote, so they do not mysteriously" ended
(Peasant of Nazareth)