Reform paper: 70 items implemented in accordance with guarantees
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Thread: Reform paper: 70 items implemented in accordance with guarantees

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    Reform paper: 70 items implemented in accordance with guarantees

    12/07/2012 0:00

    Talabani supports national reforms and announce the meeting with the Iraqi List
    BAGHDAD - Alaa al-Tai - Omar Abdel-Latif
    Declared leader of the National Alliance, said the paper prepared by the reform bloc includes 70 items will be implemented in stages, according to the guarantees.
    The MP said Shirwan Waeli for "Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network": The National Alliance is seeking to gain the consent of the partners in the political process, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List to complete the picture or the reform project. "
    He Waeli that "the paper that was prepared to be submitted to a committee of experts, especially that part of its terms requires the terms of reference for decision."
    He continued: "Some of the items of a political character and another character institutional, and files include economic, social and service, in addition to security," pointing out that "the paper with more than 70 points should be subject to expert opinion, and that the solutions are satisfactory to all parties to cross the recent problem. "
    The president of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari on Saturday to complete a paper of political reform by the National Alliance and head to put on the political blocs, noting that a committee of political reform has reached a 3-point is to invite all political parties to review the situation, and the call to deal with the call for dialogue positively and put all the files , as well as partners are invited to discuss the important issues and find solutions according to the ceilings of time. "
    He expected Waeli that comes out of the project reformist solution to the problem if there is real political will and response blocks for him, as well as being a guarantee is to determine the responsibilities and put the timing for implementation, "noting that" solutions will be a time-bound and timings will not be loose, and the problems faced by the blocks is not the responsibility of the government and parliament, but is solely the responsibility of each component and distributed to everyone, so you must include a paper defining the responsibilities of reform and commitment to implement reforms Baltoukitat. "
    Sources political for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" the end of last week the most prominent Sttdmenh paper reform: the topics of balance in the security forces, whether defense or internal and the ratification of the candidates of the two ministries and independent bodies and the relationship between the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers and the rules of procedure, as well as dealing with the views of the political blocs through dialogue and to schedule meetings with them in order to reach Ramps with each other and between the National Alliance, in addition to file adoption of important laws such as oil, gas, and a general amnesty and the Constitutional Court, and the issue of national consensus and reconciliation. "
    For his part, said a member of the Reform Committee Abbas al-Bayati said, "Reform Committee continue its contacts in preparation for holding bilateral meetings in Baghdad with the two blocs Co Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan, in addition to the other blocs. Al-Bayati said the" Centre Brief for the Iraqi Media Network "," The Reform Commission will not lose None of the parliamentary blocs, and will open up all the components in the framework of the project proposal in order to reform them from agreeing on a start point in this important project. "
    Al-Bayati said, "The Alliance has received positive feedback from all the components to the project, which purports to implement, as well as having questions and concerns to the rest of the blocks need to be clarified."
    He continued: "We are an alliance we intend to bring real reform to build a state and the composition of the government in terms of fill in the blanks, and to move forward in the reform project we need the cooperation of the other blocs and the desire to resolve the serious crisis."
    As Bayati said: "We are in the framework of guarantees of the blocks of parliamentary and parliamentary demands guarantees through dialogue and determine the limits of time for the implementation of the reform project," adding that "the guarantor's biggest success of the project is the cooperation of the blocks with each other, then we will start to implement reforms that will not be a single package and we shall adopt a policy step by step. "
    He added by saying: "The reform project enhances invite the President of the Republic of the national dialogue and in the advanced stages of this project must meet all of us at the table of the president," pointing out that in the first stage we need to open paths of dialogue with the blocks, followed in the advanced stages of the reform project should be for all to attend the President of the Republic under a tent for the completion of the files and conduct a comprehensive national dialogue. "
    He adds: There is no doubt that the meeting gets under the auspices of the biggest Talabani As part of his initiative of the eight-point initiative that we believe has a decent collection of all elements of the blocks, which is part of the reform project.
    In turn, A member of the Kurdistan Alliance, Abdul Bari Zebari said President Jalal Talabani with any reforms adopted by the political blocs to serve the Iraqi people.
    Zebari said in a press statement: "The positions of President and clear in its dealings with all the crises which call for dialogue and mutual understanding among all political parties in order to achieve harmony between political partners in accordance with the Constitution and national interest." And added, "Talabani was one of the first advocates reforms to this, the adoption of National Alliance for the project of political reform certainly would be consistent with the President of the Republic claims if these reforms are built on the basis of serving the people of Iraq and provide solutions that are satisfactory to all political parties. "
    And ask the President last May initiative include: "1 - stop media campaigns and the adoption of dialogue .2 - adoption of the Constitution invoked as a reference to it and respect its provisions and a commitment to the agreements. 3 - Commitment to the principle of true partnership in the management of power .4 - to ensure the independence of the electoral system. 5 - the referral of cases for determining the service cycles of senior officials in the state to the House of Representatives to consider the proposals on them within the framework of the Constitution. 6 - stick hard to the principle of separation of powers. 7 - to support and strengthen all the institutions that ensure the independence of the development of democracy. 8 - to complete the implementation of the commitments set forth in the Constitution and laws and approve the necessary legislation such as the basic law of oil and gas. "


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    Without even looking at this article or "the paper" I can tell you - there is a reason for "70 items". They only had to do 5 things. They threw everything they could at the wall because there is something they don't want to give up. Bank on it.


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