Deputy for Iraq calls for the return 35 officers were dismissed from the Ministry of the Interior

Sumerian News / Baghdad called for a representative for the Iraqi List, Tuesday, the government to re-35 officers were dismissed from the Ministry of the Interior during the last month, while the student government to the officers to their jobs and deal with all the ingredients by law one. said Talal Zobaie in a press conference held today in Parliament House and attended by "Alsumaria News", "The Ministry of the Interior issued the 26 of June last is separated by 35 officers from the ministry," noting that "the officers were professionals in their work and present in their duty during the collapse of security." said Zobaie that "the officers belonging to the Sunni sect and three provinces: Baghdad, Anbar, Nineveh, "and urged the government to" restore the officers to their jobs and deal with all the components of the law of one and non sectarian. " The estimated number of employees of the Ministry of Interior about half a million member are distributed in several configurations, security is the Federal Police, a force military is made ​​up of four teams of each and every one of them ten thousand soldiers equipped brigade armored as well as cohorts of emergency and the Rapid Reaction Brigade. The U.S. civil administrator for Iraq Paul Bremer, the de-Baathification, which was led by President Saddam Hussein, after the entry of U.S. troops to Iraq in 2003 and formed a committee called "Committee for the de-Baathification," then the name was changed to the accountability and justice, also issued in May of 2003 a decision to disband the Iraqi army with its institutions. It is noteworthy that the national reconciliation initiative launched by the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in 2006 provides for the several measures including the abolition of de-Baathification law, to ease the restrictions imposed on the officers and staff of government departments who were affiliated with the Iraqi Baath Party before the fall of the former regime in April 2003