Mohammadi: The process of questioning the prime minister continues .. And do not conflict with the promises of reform
10/07/2012 PM - 3:35 p.m. | Hits: 17

According to a member center coalition MP / coalition in Iraq / Walid Abboud Mohammadi, that the process of questioning the Prime Minister would go,

Emphasizing that they do not conflict with the reform promised by the National Alliance and the government eventually will have deputies in the questioning session.

The Mohammedan said in a statement MEMRI his press office said on Tuesday: The process of questioning is one of the mechanisms of action of the House of Representatives in the event of a person any defect in the work of the government, where can ten or twenty-five Deputy that questioned any official in the state no matter what his position as stipulated by the Constitution The rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, and everyone acknowledges and recognizes this right of the Council.

As for the reform paper submitted by the National Alliance, said Mohammadi: I do not see any exposure of the reform process and interrogation, it is possible to begin reform and when questioning the Prime Minister in Parliament will override the files that are processed and touched the Iraqi citizens and become a reality on the ground.

However, Mohammadi said that most of the political blocs do not have the conviction that the reforms will be, the fact that the life of this government is nearing completion did not keep her only one year is not enough time to carry out comprehensive reforms in state institutions. /