Deputy for Iraq: no-confidence letter to al-Maliki to carry out all the terms of the Erbil
Ali Abdullah - 10/07/2012 PM - 4:06 p.m. | Hits: 9

, MP on the mass of the solution were part of the coalition in Iraq, Hamid Kassab Zobaie that the request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister a letter to the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki to carry out all the terms of the Erbil, stating that the issue of reforms will take the space of time for a very long time because they contain themes are many, ranging between 70 or 120 axis.

Zobaie said the newspaper "integrity of electronic" today that "the Iraqi List, believes that the issue of reform is only a waste of time, noting that" there is agreement that contains all of these reforms, which they refer to it, namely the Convention on Erbil and its provisions nine agreed upon by the leaders of the two conferences in Erbil and Najaf and who sent a letter to the National Alliance about them but to no avail.

He Zobaie as "there was a time limit to answer the message the leaders of Arbil for a week and after the expiration of the period did not remain an option for Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance only claim of no confidence, indicated that" the aim of the subject of withdrawal of confidence is to deliver a message from Iraqi Kurdistan to the National Alliance and the rule of law in particular to seek the issue of reforms and the application of all the terms of Arbil in full.