Talal Zobaie: through (48) hour request to question al-Maliki to head the parliament
On: Tuesday 10/07/2012 14:11

Baghdad (news) .. Declared the head of the solution parliamentary deputy / coalition in Iraq / Hamid Zobaie, that through (48) hours will request to question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives.
Zobaie said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Tuesday: The Committee on Legal formed during the meeting of Irbil II, completed its work almost, and it will be asked to question al-Maliki to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives during the next two days, indicating the following: the number of files, the interrogation does not exceed two files and that the security file may be most prominent within the application. He said Iraqi MP to: process to question the prime Minister constitutional and legal work, and there is no fear of al-Maliki appealed to the Federal Court appeal, as happened in the interrogation and Higher Education Minister Ali al-Adeeb. / Finished / 7. n. r /