A parliamentary objection to the establishment of a Security Council in Kurdistan

Expressed their opposition MPs and lawyers and their refusal to declare the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, the establishment of the Council for National Security in the region,

In the case considered by a coalition of state law is contrary to the Constitution, the Kurdistan Alliance said it was "an internal affair," while legal adviser confirmed the legitimacy of the federal government filed a lawsuit against the province in the recent case of violation of the Constitution.

The MP for the rule of law, Mahmud Hassan, "The announcement of President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the establishment of a national security council in the region is contrary to the Constitution, Article 110 of the Constitution stipulates that the security of the country exclusive jurisdiction of the federal authorities."

Article (110) of the Constitution reads as follows: The federal authorities the following exclusive powers: First: Formulating foreign policy and diplomatic representation and negotiation of international treaties and agreements, and debt policies and the signature and conclusion, and economic policy and trade foreign sovereign.

Second, policy development and implementation of national security, including establishing and managing armed forces, to ensure protection and security of the borders of Iraq, and defend it. "

And Hassan told the "Center for Brief Iraqi Media Network," that the issue of file management security forces in the country under the jurisdiction of the federal authority and thus not entitled to the provincial government set up so the Council. "

The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, has announced yesterday the establishment of the National Security Council in Kurdistan.

The Council consists of Asaish Foundation and the General Directorate of Military Intelligence and Information and Protection Agency Region, has been appointed Barzani happy adviser to the Council at the ministerial and Khosrow Cole Mohammed as his deputy and head of the General Organization for Asayish region.

For its part, seen as an MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq dry establishing a National Security Council, "the right of the province, according to what the Constitution granted him."

She's dry, "Center for Brief Iraqi Media Network": that "the Constitution affirms the right of the province's security force and police to defend the security of the region .. then your that the formation of this Council is aimed to preserve the security of the region."

However, the legal expert Tareq Harb said the establishment of a national security council that was limited to issues of security just is not good because security issues from the jurisdiction of the central government in Baghdad strictly in accordance with Article 110 of the Constitution, including the formation of the armed forces and security forces and military formations.