Parliamentary committee: views in Parliament prevented the display irregularities Shahristani about phantom electricity contracts
02:12:10 / 07/2012

Khandan - revealed the Interim Committee to investigate the failures of electrical power in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the existence of points of view to prevent a parliamentary report of the Committee on the electrical failures, and therefore the involvement of Hussein al-Shahristani, a fake contracts in the electricity sector for the year (2011).

A member of the MP from the Sadrist movement, Odai Awad told the site "Khandan": "that the committee from all parties in parliament, issued its report on the failures of electric power with the consent of a majority of members of the committee, indicating the following: that the report includes the failures of the Ministry of the Federal Electricity and the involvement of the Deputy Prime Minister for the Energy Hussain al-Shahristani and fake contracts for electricity occurred in 2011. "

And MP Uday Awad, the existence of political parties in parliament stand in front of Show Committee's report on the meeting of the Council of Representatives, for political reasons related to the involvement of al-Shahristani contracts Phantom, noting that "these parties have pressure on committee members to change their views towards this issue."