House of Representatives: six decisions to cancel the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council and the postponement of Information Act to Thursday's meeting

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. The Council of Representatives, its regular fourth chapter of the first year under the chairmanship of the third legislative Najafi and the presence of 175 deputies.
A source in the information department of the Agency / Baghdadiya News /, "The session has to postpone the vote on the bill of Communications and Informatics, sponsored by
Services Committee and the Committee on Culture and ages and ages, the Legal Committee "at the request of Chairman of the Committee of Construction Vian intruder allegedly granting the Commission more time to study the paragraphs".
The source added, as "The session vote on the proposed law on the abolition of the six decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council dissolved, provided by the Legal Committee and numbered (120 in 17/7 / 1998.27 on 4/2/1992 0.542 2/9/1989 in, 17/11/1985 in 1360, and 827 in 30/6/1997 0.276 27/2/1985 in, and finally vote on the Resolution No. 50 of 30/3/2000. "
The source continued, "The Council discussed the report of the Committee of Culture and Information on the changes that likely included in the law of telecommunications and informatics," which suggested that the Committee return to the government for modernization of being sent in the period that has been active during terrorist attacks as the terrorists use the Internet web sites and means of communication in the definition Bgeraúhm and declared, which ruled that the development deterrent penalties, noting that Iraq should be more open and wiser tougher. "
The House of Representatives may raise its third regular meeting with 28 of last June to present the tenth of July, after the sound of the three laws and two projects in principle. / Finished / 21 El P
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