Sources of the "morning": Adoption of the oil law under the reform-minded
10/07/2012 0:00

Office Shahristani: the Kurdistan region of export to Turkey is a constitutional
Baghdad - morning
revealed the sources familiar with the "Centre Brief for the Iraqi Media Network," The reform paper to be presented to the political blocs include an article that stresses the need to speed up the adoption of important laws, including the oil and gas law which demands that legitimizes the Kurdistan Alliance. This comes at a time when the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussein al-Shahristani said the Oil Ministry and the Kurdistan region of fully equipped with its share of oil derivatives, and that the export of the province is unconstitutional. The Director of Information Office of Faisal Abdullah: "The Ministry of the processing of oil petroleum products to the Kurdistan region of fully private refinery center and south," denying "any cut or reduce the region's share of petroleum products." Abdullah added that "the Constitution and the laws required all the provinces and territories deliver crude oil produced in the Oil Ministry representative company Oil Marketing (SOMO) to turn exported through the system of national export," noting that "all income from the sale of crude oil shall be deposited in state treasury to finance the budget. "as Abdullah said in a statement quoted by the agency Sumerian News" is not eligible for any point of the export of crude oil to any foreign country, only through the Iraqi oil ministry exclusively, "adding that" the export of the region crude oil to Turkey is an act unconstitutional and illegal. " The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Barzani Erbil, had confirmed that all actions will be taken to provide fuel for the citizens of Kurdistan if the central government refrained from passing to the region's share of Kurdistan. Barzani said in a statement issued by the Presidency of the Kurdistan region: "The Government of the Territory will have to do what is necessary in order to provide the needs of petroleum products to citizens and especially of white oil, if not fulfilled the Iraqi government promises to send the share of province and Kurdistan of petroleum products in full." He said Barzani that "the Ministry of Oil central filter 600 to 700 thousand barrels of oil per day and it should have been granted the Kurdistan region of 140 thousand barrels per day," asserting that "the Iraqi government did not pay this percentage of the region's share of oil for several years."
said Barzani The central government has reduced the region's share in the 25 of April last, of 32,116 barrels per day to 16,826 barrels, he says, noting that "the region will take all necessary action to the central government to pay this percentage deducted from the share of the region and ensure that the needs of the region of derivatives oil. "In the meantime, aware of" Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network "from informed sources that paper to be presented to the reform of the political blocs include the need to speed up the adoption of important laws, including the oil and gas law. According to a copy of the law of oil and gas new report by the Council of Ministers received the "morning", the "Federal Government manage and develop sources of oil in order to achieve the national interest at any stage of the operations of petroleum through the formations and bodies contained in this law with the policy-making strategy for the organization and development of oil and gas extraction in order to achieve the highest benefit to the Iraqi people. "The law emphasizes the establishment of the Council called (Federal Council for Oil and Gas) headed by the Prime Minister or his nominee, as shall the Council overseeing the total operations of petroleum related exploration and development, production and transport and marketing and to issue regulations of their own, in addition to the adoption of policies of the petroleum industry and federal plans for exploration and field development, pipelines, the main and amended, and approval of the model contracts exploration and development, production, according to the criteria set forth in this law and modified according to the classification of fields or areas of exploration in accordance with Annexes attached so as to achieve the highest benefit the Iraqi people.