Iraqi and Kurdistan agree on the futility of reforms
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BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Sources parliamentary coalition in Iraq from the end of the meeting of Irbil last, which included the leaders of blocs of Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance, and reached the blocks to the futility of a return to a reform can not be applied on the ground, the fact that the same thing was repeated with the rest of the blocks in 2008, does not mean non- gain time and the continuation of the political game between the leaders of parliamentary blocs, without achieving any service to the people.

The sources said the announcement a coalition of state law and there are three stages of reform «quick solutions to some outstanding problems, and to give extra time to consult with the political blocs, and Mhaortha, and then modify some of the paragraphs of the Constitution and legislation of new laws are important in several areas» unnecessary, and has already put forward than that as itself.

She added, "that the parties Arbil will file interrogation of Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to head the House of Representatives within 5 files, two of which belong to constitutional reforms, and three of which related files security, financial and administrative corruption, stressing its support to the request of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, establishing the mandate of the three presidencies of the two constituencies only. "