Deputy for Iraq: our experiences with the state law is encouraging the implementation of reforms
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BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

Described the Deputy for the Iraqi List, the Committee on the reforms emanating from the National Alliance as "will not restore life to the Convention on the Erbil."

Said Rep. unit Jumaili in a statement received "integrity of electronic" copy of it on Sunday that the "Reform Committee set up by the National Alliance does not come out of two considerations, first either the existence of a conviction among the coalition that what Iraq is facing a crisis is a serious problem and must be a way to solve it, and either dilute it for the time under the title of the reforms and the withdrawal of a draft on the shelves of high confidence. "

She added that "our past experience with a coalition of state law, particularly with regard to the implementation of the terms of the Arbil does not give encouraging signs of a sincere intentions to resolve each other's differences."