Deputy: National Alliance is ready to implement article 140 and Council policies after sitting at the table of dialogue
Date: Monday, 09-07-2012 08: 38 am

Baghdad (News) ...Confirmed the National Alliance Deputy//Iman Abdul Razak Al-Hassan, the Alliance's readiness to implement the demands of the constitutional political blocs since there was dialogue and negotiation between the blocks.
Hassan said in a statement (News Agency news): there are positive signs to resolve the current crisis, especially after the formation of the National Alliance by reforms intended to bring the views and one sit at the table of dialogue to ease the crisis that struck the country.

She added: the National Alliance has full preparedness to implement the demands of political blocs were constitutional, legal and service to the higher interest of the country and not the interest of the party or bloc.
The National Alliance MP to claim that the Kurdish blocs Coalition article (140) and claim the Iraqi coalition National Council for policies implemented during alsttratiget you can sit at the table of dialogue and negotiation to convince the other party with the need for a Constitution as a compromise to resolve the problems.
The lead was in the block dialogue/Iraqi list MP Hamid al-mutlaq, new/position of the mass that the implementation of the Convention will be a lot of shenanigans of Arbil between clusters and enhances the political track, saying (for news): paper reform announced updated National Alliance did not arrive for the Iraqi list to date, excluding the non-acceptance of any political dialogue and reform option.