Trade Bank of Iraq issued Visa Gold card in dollars
Haider Ali Jawad - 09/07/2012 AD - 11:43 AM | Hits: 259

Announced the Trade Bank of Iraq from the start of the version of the Visa Gold card {Visa Debit Gold Card} privileged world which allows the holder to enjoy the overall international discounts for purchases and hotel bookings, which will give customers the bank and the currency of the dollar.

The Director-General of the Bank Hamdiya dry in a press statement that "the issuance of such a card comes to encouraging people to handle credit card that offers them used all over the world for being a manifestation of modernity in the banking business is also investigating several privileges of the most important to dispense with the use of paper money and check adjustments quickly to different customer commitments. "

She added dry that "the bank plan to publish ATMs across the country, all for the purpose of cash withdrawals Bammelta dinar and the dollar as well as the agreement with the hotels and shops, providing them with devices POS {POS} updated to use according to the system {EMV} Global for the purpose of fulfillment Akiem customers' purchases of local and foreign through credit cards issued by banks the world. "

She explained that "Visa Gold card is the fourth card issued by the Trade Bank of Iraq where he issued a Visa Classic card {Debit} and {Platinum} Platinum plus MasterCard {Master Card Credit} for being a key member of the two world wars Visa and MasterCard