Vice chest: the application of the political reforms will go through two stages
09/07/2012 PM - 2:20 p.m. | Hits: 41

The leader of the Liberal block of the Sadrist MP / National Alliance / Odai Awad, said that the implementation of political reforms, will go through two stages, including the agreement of the political blocs, and to agree on solutions.

He said Awad in a statement to the Agency (news) said on Monday: that the reform paper which was clarified by the National Alliance will go through two stages, first is to agree on its terms within the coalition with the consent of a majority of the national Second, the paper presents the other political blocs in order to be put forward and debate problems and reach compromise solutions on them.

He pointed to the MP for the National: the reform paper containing all the outstanding political problems Kalqzaia disputed government of national partnership and the designation of ministerial candidates, and the designation of candidates for security ministries and other problems.

The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, has called on all partners in the political process of dialogue with the mass of the National Alliance on a package of files and start correcting them, according to the limits of time.

Jaafari said in a statement read during a press conference held on Wednesday evening that all parties are invited to a direct dialogue on all the files and the outstanding problems and work to resolve them through a commitment to the Constitution and the spirit of positive and should develop all the ideas and build bridges of trust and the reform of state institutions.

He added that the Committee be invited to all partners to engage in dialogue with the mass of the National Alliance on a package of files and study them and find successful solutions to them, and start Ptsiautha according to time limits, adding: It will show our findings on the political blocs