Muhammad Al-Khalidi: interrogation of al-Maliki will be .. And Iraq will not nominate new names to the Ministry of Defence
09/07/2012 PM - 2:00 PM | Hits: 37

MP for the / coalition in Iraq / Muhammad Al-Khalidi, the unwillingness of its mass to provide the names of new candidates to the Ministry of Defence, noting that his list continues to question the prime minister.

Khalidi said in a statement (of the Agency news): The subject of the security ministries because the list is over two years ago calling for the Iraqi resolution of this issue was not resolved and passed two years of the life of the government, wondering: What does the minister now has nothing left of life of the government.

He added: There is no ready at present to list the nomination of a new figure for the post of defense minister. said MP for the coalition in Iraq to: that the Iraqi List, with partners Erbil continues to question Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the case of changing the decision must be made ​​to partners Irbil _ Najaf to identify new situations.

And Khalidi: The interrogation of al-Maliki and parliament will be will be is the difference between those who call for the withdrawal of confidence and his opposition blocs.

And met with attempts to question the prime minister al-Maliki rejected by most of the components of the National Alliance and supporters of the owners of the rest of the blocks, which is a slower pace to the extent that Congress assert that it had completed not exist, while emphasizing Maliki's opponents that they are involved questioning, in accordance with the Constitution and will not fall back on their decision no matter how reasons