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D. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh
, despite the severity of changes in the political environment that have occurred in our country since 2003 and tugging the strong sustained political and social landscape and the National Economic and upload the country a lot of volatility, stability and Maravgah of concern and worries in the path of building democratic life and the advancement of the state of modern, it has been policy monetary stability, a tent, which gave a strong national currency dimension to the unity and cohesion of the country’s sovereignty to the fact that currency is a symbol of sovereignty as a purchasing one interacts with it all.

To hide the national currency which basis the Iraqi dinar and the various properties related to the lives of citizens’ economic and living conditions and contractual obligations to Atnevk for later strategic as a discharge of the legal carrying citizens of the Republic of Iraq to express their rights of entry and the wealth and obligations are, without doubt a model of the unity of our country’s political deal with the component sovereign national one which is currency of the country represented in Iraqi dinars, which handles it all with unity of the national territory politically, economically and socially in the framework of the Iraqi state of democracy.

and the cohesion of the Iraqi dinar and its stability as a purchasing bearer must be assigned reserves, strong foreign assets to reflect truly the foundation supporter of the Iraqi currency, and that the gravity of this basically represents the strength of the country’s economic and components sovereign and the political to the fact that the Iraqi dinar a political symbol and a sovereign should maintain its stability according to the strength of those foreign reserves chock for monetary union.

of the above, and the fact that foreign reserves are based away our country and their sovereign on the dangers of so-called B risk countries, especially after that Iraq has suffered, and for more than three decades of conflict and war that made him be treated by the international community that it is countries with risk in its credit and financing, the risks arising regrettably for economic changes and political of any country where a long period of conflict and political turmoil and economic development.

On top of those risks subject (decrease in reserves of foreign currency). And that this factor and variability is the day of the most important factors to be considered to Iraq from outside the economic entity in question away from risk countries. And that any fluctuation in the foreign reserves is a disease, is a sensitive indicator of the continued risk countries and put our economy in the economies of the countries that lie in the credit rating of insignificant in terms of its worth and its interaction with the outside world financially and properly and normally.

That the building of reserves, the country of such wealth cash in foreign currency and good management, provides clearly the capacity of the country’s financial and power of sovereignty, political unity towards the outside world, line up the Iraqi dinar to the elements and components of sovereignty, the other in the formation of a national uniform and similar to what is looking forward to him the United trendy all in the consolidation of its existence the National across the monetary union and stability of that cross at the same time the country’s unity and cohesion politically and economically as a sovereign one.

Therefore, the importance of the reserves of foreign currency and maintain a cover supported the Iraqi dinar, which depends stability of the power of those reserves, is a matter of making the power of the national currency in line with the other components of sovereignty within the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Iraqi people in reverence for his property and assets are a strong and stable, especially the national currency and cover supporter.