LATEST: Announcement Of Candidates For Defense & Interior Ministries Next WEEK.7/8/12
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Thread: LATEST: Announcement Of Candidates For Defense & Interior Ministries Next WEEK.7/8/12

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    LATEST: Announcement Of Candidates For Defense & Interior Ministries Next WEEK.7/8/12

    Announcement of candidates for the ministries of defense and interior next week
    08/07/2011 0:00

    Beginning with the circulation of many names
    BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab

    "Al Sabah" The masses of the National Coalition and Iraqi forces would provide the names of candidates for the posts of defense and interior next week. Political source said the "morning": that "this week will see the resolution chosen names before being sent to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who will choose which characters efficient and relevant experience to send a list of names to parliament for a vote. "

    It is said that leaders of political blocs agreed at their meeting last Tuesday, that the Coalition and Iraqi nominate new candidates for the national ministries of defense, interior and national security.

    For his part, MP for the National Alliance - Khalid al-Asadi to receive the support of his alliance Khalid al-Obeidi, or Shaker Book of the defense portfolio if nominated by the coalition in Iraq.

    Asadi said in a statement quoted by news agency Nina: "The Khalid al-Obeidi and Shaker Book of photographs are positive it is possible to rely on them in such a position," noting that the coalition in Iraq has not yet been submitted a formal request on run-Obeidi, and the book to the Ministry of Defence.

    Asadi said that "Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki does not have any problem with these two names, and will approve them if nominated from Iraq."
    A source in the State of Law coalition announced yesterday that al-Maliki and the general of the National Alliance are convinced of two smiling Iraqi was then submitted Shpthma, namely Khalid al-Obeidi, Shaker book.

    But a source familiar with detection of the possibility of providing new names by the Iraqi List.
    As part of a related matter, said a source familiar with the National Alliance, said, "Ibrahim al-Lami, and Tawfiq al, Farouk al-Araji, are the candidates of the National Alliance for the Ministry of the Interior."

    The source said in a press statement: "The prime minister will be presented during the coming days, its candidates to the parliament to vote on them."
    Also revealed a source close to the coalition of state law that the National Alliance will hold a meeting this week to nominate a candidate of the Ministry of Interior.
    The source said in a statement quoted by news agency: "The National Alliance will be held this week a meeting of all its components (the rule of law, the Sadrist movement, Shahid Mihrab, virtue, Reform Movement, the National Congress) to resolve the naming and Minister of Interior.

    He added that the meeting will put forward new names for this office to change positions on expectations of the security services.
    And was a member of the Sadrist movement and leader of the Liberal bloc Odai Awad, had confirmed that the mass demand access to one of the security agencies in the Ministries of Defense and Interior.
    Awad said in a press statement: "Our demands are based on that deserving election the Liberal bloc in those ministries, and therefore must get those benefits to ensure a balance in the security institutions and government."

    And on the National Alliance candidate for the Interior Ministry, said the deputy in the mass of the components of the National Liberal will meet soon to discuss identifying a candidate for the Ministry of the Interior, in addition to the discussion of a balance within the government institutions.

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    again, there is a 2011 date in the body of this article

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