deliberative movement good for the banking sector in the Iraqi Stock Exchange
08/07/2012 10:43

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Uzmatk Baghdad _ / h. B
Today the Iraqi stock market has seen a substantial rise For the benefit of the banking sector trading in the stock market during the opening process of transmission of the shares.
And economic source of the reporter,"news agency Uzmatk" The banking sector was able to achieve (19) deal deliberative buying and selling for him through the post (12) banking company has been trading (9) companies and display the circulation of approximately (109) million shares of them, and this The index rose to 2.09% in value of shares traded deliberative, pointing out that the Islamic Bank Corporation. Met its plenary meeting on Saturday, 07.14.2012 at the Hall of the top club in order to discuss the final accounts for the financial year ended 12.31.2011 and approval, and Cash Dividends and capital increase of (100) billion dinars to (150) billion dinars, according to Article (55 / I-II).
The banks that have a recorded right of trading in the stock market is a commercial bank, Bank of Baghdad, the Islamic Bank, Investment Bank, National Bank, Credit Bank, Bank of Dar es Salaam, the Bank of Babylon, Economy Bank, Gulf Commercial Bank, Union Bank of Iraq, North Bank, Bank of Kurdistan, Bank of Elaph Islamic Bank of Mosul, the bank of the Tigris and the Euphrates, Al-Mansour Bank, Sumer Bank, United Bank, Bank of the Middle East, and Bank of the UNESCO.