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Thread: Did Poppy Really Say This?

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    Did Poppy Really Say This?

    I saw the following on Dinar Recaps, supposedly quoting Poppy, and I am wondering if he said it, and if he did, it doesn't make sense to me. If Maliki implements Erbil before the 10th, why would we have to wait until after Ramadan to see the RV? If they have to take the longer route with a new PM I understand that would take longer, but the end of September???

    7-7-2012 Poppy3: More and more articles addressing the change in the dinar. My prediction at this stage is that if we see Maliki implement all the Arbil agreements prior to the 10th when Parliament goes back in session then we will see a RV just after Ramadan OR AROUND SEPT 1 but if they go into the Parliament session and he has done nothing then I think they will no confidence vote him out and if this happen and the have to put a interim PM in place.

    Then it will be late in September before the RV will be possible. ONLY TIME WILL TELL. I have talked with several sources about the dong and they have all indicated nothing has changed and that they thought it would have already RV'D this week and have no idea what the hold up is at this point.

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    Poppy3 did say that here in our chatroom. Your question is a good one to ask on one of our calls or in the chatroom.

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    Thanks, Mona. I guess I am asking here. Poppy, why? If Maliki gives us Erbil this week, why should the RV wait until September 1st? From everything I've been reading and hearing there is no reason it cannot happen before or during Ramadan. If they have to bring in a new PM I could see that delay it a little, but even that might only be a matter of days or weeks delay as they go through the process of bringing in an interim PM. The paperwork is done by all accounts, it's really just a matter of the announcement. Poppy, were you just feeling down when you typed that? With the waiting and what you've been through I can understand that, but I can see no other reason to suggest such a delay in waiting for this.

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    He came into chat just after I sent that so I asked him. Here is his reply:

    "10:25 PM [poppy3] you misread my post. I said if he empliments we would possibly see rv late august or early sept but if they ousted him it would be late sept. I don't think they will get much done during romadon refer to last year?? They did zero. Poppy3"

    Right after that he said "10:26 PM [poppy3] i am hurting bb tomorrow."

    We didn't get to discuss it at all, but there is your answer straight from Poppy3.

    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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    Thank you, Mona. That explains a lot. Actually, I disagree with Poppy a little. True, no RV during Ramadan last year, but now we know why: Maliki, the little dictator, has been gumming up the works the entire time! But I seem to recall that Parliament was quite busy during the first 2/3 of Ramadan last year--does anyone else recall that? And I think I've heard BGG say that if we get to the beginning of Ramadan and this hasn't happened yet, but Erbil has been implemented by Maliki or by his successor, there is no reason that Shabibi cannot release the RV during Ramadan itself--or am I way off base in that assumption?

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    DinarGroupie, I remember Parliament working during Ramadan last year, and Ramadan does not restrict working during the holiday. I would think that the Maliki opposition is not willing to lose steam at this critical time and will keep pushing.

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    You're welcome. Maybe when BGG gets back he can address your question. Mona
    If you think today is good, just wait til tomorrow!!

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