07/07/2012 9:46

A source from within the security for SWAT squad suffered threats of assassination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and its effect is to strengthen protections of personal to him and his family

The source said that Maliki had received yesterday letters threatening assassination did not know the source of his part, is increasing the number of protected personal by providing a large number of protections and trained special forces, SWAT, which reached the number of troops added, including more than 320 people, adding that security has been tightened around the in an unprecedented manner to include all the characters that you meet or seek to meet him

He stressed that al-Maliki ordered the inspection of all the characters, including members of state law, after receiving information about the attempt by some political parties which did not identify incite his assassination indicating that the security measures started early in the morning and included the palace and the Office of the Prime Minister and some possible frequented by al-Maliki

The Kurdistan Alliance MP Farhad Atrushi said during an interview televised the protections Maliki exceeded the number is reasonable after it surpassed the four thousand and a half, "emphasizing that the large number contrary to the Constitution and what passed from a number of protections of personal," noting that the use of al-Maliki in this issue raises terror in the hearts of others, including MPs and politicians.