Member of the Economic Commission: the process of removing zeros from the currency will address the economic inflation and facilitate trade
Baghdad (news) .. The member of the Economic Commission for MP / National Alliance / Amer Hussein Fayez, that the decisions of the Finance Committee and the Central Bank in the process of removing the zeros from the currency inflation will address the existing economic and facilitate the process of trade.
Fayez said (of the Agency news) on Saturday: The process of deletion of zeros will help the citizen in the ease of doing business and the exchange of currency and easily carry a few categories of cash in the purchase of goods and commodities.

He added that the process will raise the moral value of the Iraqi currency they did not have any damage or danger to the Iraqi economy.

And: that the Iraqi currency deleted zeros will be pumped to the market and will work with the old currency to be the old currency to withdraw permanently from the citizens.
He explained: that the deletion of zeros from the currency will not affect the economy of Iraq, according to recent rumors on the street. Finished / 21. N. R /