Saturday, July 7, 2012 09:30
Khalid al-Asadi: Reform Commission will begin a serious dialogue with all the blocks

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. MP for the coalition of state law Khalid Asadi said the question the prime minister in parliament over and become one of the last

He pointed out that the political reform of the Commission will begin a serious dialogue with all political blocsAsadi said the agency / Baghdadiya News / Saturday, said the interrogation process of constitutional and legal and the right of any Member of Parliament to give motion to question the cause of any official in the state, but the issue of questioning the Prime Minister in Parliament has ended and has become one of the past to the lack of seriousness of the political blocs of the matter.
"The nature of the political complications in the country requires dialogue and address the problems and political crises are not more complexity of trying to question the prime minister in parliament.
He noted that "some politicians describe the issue of interrogation as (tampering political), because they know that the results of the questioning in parliament, is to withdraw confidence from the government, and thus occurs disruption to the work of the government and the political process and increase tensions between the political blocs and distraction Parliament for its legislative and oversight role and all these things are not welcome to most of the political blocs. "
He said al-Asadi: The National Alliance formed a special committee for political reform and start a serious dialogue with all political blocs to address all problems and crises faced by the government and the political blocs that serious dialogue, direct and discuss issues in the framework of understandings and consensus and the Iraqi constitution guarantees to resolve all outstanding problems, and wished everyone to be some kind of flexibility in dealing with others, and that there is a calm political and media, and stay away from damaging projects in the country, in order to succeed in the process of dialogue and the implementation of political reforms.