Twilight News / Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraq, Thursday, that Iraq had ended all decisions of the Chapter VII was left with only 3 or 4 paragraphs belong to Kuwait.

Zebari said during his conference at the Foreign Ministry was attended by " Twilight News "," I expect at the end of this year out of Iraq, paragraph one of Chapter VII to keep the issue of border demarcation and 5 percent from sales of oil. "

He stressed that the humanitarian issue between the will between the parties without the need to involve the United Nations

Zebari reviewed the achievements of his ministry during the period that followed the recent Summit of Baghdad and the 5 +1 Turning to the participation of Iraq in Cairo and Geneva relating to the Syrian crisis.

He said the presence of Iraq during the conferences was active.

He said there is a demand to the opinion of Iraq in what is happening in the region and is a response for each role skeptics Iraq.

And between Zebari "There are several conferences will be held in Iraq, including the writing of the Constitution of the Arab countries of the spring and another conference on the fight against terrorism because of the adoption of item-terrorism summit in the decisions of Baghdad."

He added that Iraq will provide $ 25 million to the state budget and the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Fund obligations as one of the attic.