Sadrists at the meeting of the "National Alliance": reform is meaningless if it did not meet the demands of the "Iraqi" and "Kurdistan"
Posted 06/07/2012 05:58 AM
BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
Revealed a reliable source that the meeting of the "National Alliance" on Thursday night saw the contrast between the representatives of the Sadrist movement and the "rule of law", paper on the importance of reform and their responsiveness to the demands of the "Iraqi" and "Kurdistan Alliance".
The source confirmed that "the meeting discussed the responses to the initial of the opponents of politicians about the reform paper submitted by the coalition as a possible solution to the political crisis," pointing out that "the discussion revealed a disagreement between the Sadrists and Maliki's coalition, The former seeks to install the demands of his allies from the camp of the withdrawal of confidence in the reform paper As for the second Vered install issues agreed upon by the majority of the members of the National Alliance without the need to discuss the demands of others. "
The same source said that "the Sadrists emphasized that if you do not include the demands of the Iraqi and Kurdistan in the reform paper, the issue of withdrawal of confidence will be enacted again, and will work to put a constitutional".
The "National Alliance" held a meeting yesterday under the chairmanship of Ibrahim al-Jaafari.