Is the Rapid Reaction Brigade threatens to expose Khvaya Maliki win in the last election!!!

05/07/2012 21:07

Threatened Brigade "in Numan" is for the Rapid Reaction Brigade, which now sits in a prison of Iraq "if al-Maliki did not call us free during the month we will reveal all the details that we did in the army and police in the last election that led to victory"

A source familiar with session was attended by clan, which was held yesterday between a group of brothers, Major General Naaman and the police chief of Dhi Qar morning Fatlawi attended the meeting, an MP for the rule of law, Hanan al and Sami al-Askari, Ihsan Al-Awadi in the house of MP for the rule of law, Abbas al-Bayati in Baghdad, saying that the meeting did not not friendly, but during which some of the threats and intimidation, if not released within the General Naaman will reveal the details of al-Maliki won in last election

The source added that the deputy state law may give the brigade and the brothers except that Numan released in the coming days after the completion of some routine matters

It is noted that Major General Naaman had been arrested on charges of bribery in the act and the ratification of the explosives detection devices, which proved to be below the required level and the theft of millions of dollars jointly with some leaders of the Dawa Party, and of them, "Hanan al-Abbas al-Bayati, Ali Adeeb and morning Fatlawi