Maliki threatened to shoot down his government he refrained from questioning
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Thread: Maliki threatened to shoot down his government he refrained from questioning

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    Maliki threatened to shoot down his government he refrained from questioning

    Sources well-informed that the Prime Minister of the Green Zone, Nuri al-Maliki received a warning Tahedadia stern by (Mohammad Reza Sistani) the need to Collapse file my contract and the Ministry of Electricity with the two companies Lwahmetin, and not to leave the field wide open for questioning Hussain al-Shahristani in Parliament after news emerged of his involvement in this the file.

    The sources indicated that Mohammad Reza board in the owners being warned that he will drop immediately in the event is detected, the file names involved two contracts with two companies Lwahmetin electricity, or work on the interrogation of al-Shahristani.

    The sources added that al-Maliki responded immediately to this warning and the resignation of the Minister of Electricity Raad waterfall after the agreement between them on the deal include no names involved exposing corruption in the files of the Ministry of Electricity.

    The sources indicated that al-Maliki instructed also to some lawmakers close to him for the work of press conferences, meetings and dialogues with the Iraqi media in order to improve the image of al-Shahristani, to cover up the big names involved file corruption in the Ministry of Electricity and supervised by directly Muhammad Rida Sistani.

    The quick MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh at a press conference to confirm that he has the documents and books, an official attached to the Council of Ministers confirms objection Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani to sign contracts, and there are also records of the insistence of the Minister of Electricity on the contract.

    The words within Alfalh directions issued by the al-Maliki al-Shahristani, to improve the image and cover up the big names involved with this transaction.

    A number of members of the House of Representatives refused to load and electricity minister responsible for the signing of these contracts, noting that the Energy Committee of Ministers, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani, the membership of each of the ministers of oil, electricity and water resources, science and technology is responsible for signing contracts with large amounts, but the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki attributed the dismissal to the cause of the failure of the Minister of Electricity in the provision of any completed within a period of hundred days in addition to contracts with fictitious companies.
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