A telephone conversation between Maliki and Sadr END DISPUTES
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Thread: A telephone conversation between Maliki and Sadr END DISPUTES

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    A telephone conversation between Maliki and Sadr END DISPUTES

    Round of dialogues between the national and the parties to Erbil, Najaf .. And «morning» disclose the terms of the most prominent reform paper

    BAGHDAD - Al Sabah

    With the announcement of the end of the political problem between a coalition of state law and the Sadr movement after contact between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr and the initiation phase of a new cooperation, it seems that all other options have been turned the pages in front of some of the parties except for dialogues improve the atmosphere and initiate a new phase of mutual understanding and leave the political jockeying. This comes at a time starting by the Committee on Political Reform set up by the National Alliance Tour meaningful dialogues with all the political blocs, especially the outskirts of social Erbil and Najaf.

    has said Ali al-Moussawi, media adviser to the Prime Minister to announce the representative leader of the Sadrist movement, Sheikh Ali Smeisim for the end of the political problem between a coalition of state law and the Sadrists.

    Moussawi said in a statement to the "Centre Brief for the Iraqi Media Network": that a call took place between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Muqtada al-Sadr, touched it to the developments in the country. "He continued:" The meeting took place between the Maliki and the representative of Mr. Sadr, Sheikh Ali Smeisim searched through the means of cooperation.

    "revealed Musawi on" an agreement between the Prime Minister and the Sadr movement includes initiating a new phase of cooperation for the reform and construction, service delivery and assist the government for full-time to accomplish what is required of them. "

    And observers believe that after the agreement of state law and the Sadr movement was left in front of some of the leaders of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, but to sit at the table of dialogue, especially that he no longer questioned the meaning, after losing 40 seats parliamentary, a number of seats in the Sadrist movement, ie, that the issue of withdrawal of confidence has become a form of imagination even if asked to question al-Maliki.

    the center of this picture, held for the Reform Committee yesterday evening its third meeting under the chairmanship of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari. The Information Office of Jafari in a press statement that "During the meeting which was attended by representatives of political entities affiliated to the National Alliance, complete the previous discussions to get out to see a united and clear about the political issues at hand; and work on the Tab different points according to their priorities in order to interact with the rest of the Iraqi national during round of meetings to be held with them.

    "For his part, said Member of Parliament for the National Alliance Khaled Asadi," The committee toured meaningful dialogues with all political parties during the next phase. "He al-Asadi said in a statement singled out the" Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network, "that" all contentious issues between the political blocs over the dialogue and discussion, "saying that the coalition wants to begin the process of steps in all areas and the problems suffered by the State and the political process.

    Sources political for "Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network" for the most prominent Sttdmenh paper reform: the topics of balance in the security forces, whether defense or internal and the ratification of the candidates of the two ministries and independent bodies and the relationship between the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers and the rules of procedure, as well as dealing with the views of political blocs through dialogue and meetings scheduled with them in order to reach Ramps with each other and between the National Alliance, in addition to file adoption of important laws such as oil, gas, and a general amnesty and the Constitutional Court, and the issue of national consensus and reconciliation. "

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