Vice Posted: Iraq wants legal safeguards and the timeframe for reform
On: Wednesday 7/4/2012 8:24

Baghdad (news) .. MP for the student / coalition in Iraq / Wahab Hassan Salman, the committee of the National Alliance to provide legal guarantees and the timeframe for reform, likely to back down his list for its decision to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister that there were real reforms.
Wahab said in a statement (of the Agency news): The Committee set up by the National Alliance did not participate with the other blocks and his one-sided so you will wait for the project, which will offer.

He added: We hope to provide the National Alliance, a project that meets the demands of the other blocs, demanding the submission of legal safeguards and the time limit for implementation with the introduction of other blocks to reassure the Committee seriously.

He favored the MP for the coalition in Iraq: to go down its list of the request for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that there was a fact and implement reforms on the ground.

And came a paper reforms of the National Alliance to stop the attempts to question the prime minister al-Maliki and the withdrawal of confidence about it, it will include a comprehensive reform policy, service and administrative participation of all parties, as well as repair rifts between Baghdad and Erbil, while reducing Maliki's opponents would, because they will not be a "magic formula" to Assadol unveiling of the political crisis chronic. / Finished