Nassif: We are not selling their positions
| On 2012-07-04 |

9:30BAGHDAD / electronic integritySaid an MP for the Iraqi Free High Nassif, "We are not among those who are selling their positions, even if any person other than Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to stop with Iraq's unity and sovereignty of Iraq and not be allowed to plunder the wealth of Iraq will surely stand with him.

And Nassif's newspaper "integrity of electronic" today that the national project is consistent with these principles today that stand-Maliki against it, adding "there is political blocs and 36 deputies stood against the draft no-confidence Is the meaning of all who stood against the decision of withdrawal of confidence may have received political gains."

She said "I did not stand with the Prime Minister as far as we stood with the position in this matter Iridonmn understand this belief or that it undermined confidence in projections of personal exercised some political forces.