Talabani, leader of the party, "Adel Murad" to a Saudi newspaper: Shia allies leave
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Thread: Talabani, leader of the party, "Adel Murad" to a Saudi newspaper: Shia allies leave

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    Talabani, leader of the party, "Adel Murad" to a Saudi newspaper: Shia allies leave

    Talabani, leader of the party, "Adel Murad" to a Saudi newspaper: Shia allies leave

    2012/07/03 |

    An oasis of freedom - Follow-up
    Adel Murad, Chairman of the Central Council (parliament party) of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, support for early elections in Iraq as a solution to get out of the political crisis deepening in the country, pointing out that «there is a need to change the political alliances currently in place and expand the framework at the level of Iraq and not to keep them within the frameworks of national, religious or sectarian ».

    Murad said in an interview with the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Iraq «going through a difficult road, and political developments taking place in the created state of anarchy will pull the repercussions on the territory of Kurdistan, whether we like it or not, given that the political conflict existing between the Iraqi factions withdrew its effects on the strategic alliance between us and the party Kurdistan Democratic ally who drag us back into a political conflict is not pointless, especially since the forces and the Iraqi factions that gather around this party ally do not want the best for the Kurdish people, as evidenced by many of the negative attitudes that posture those forces of the rights of the Kurdish people in the forefront of the position of the Iraqi National List of the election of President Talabani and exit of the hall during the voting process in the parliament, and nominated Tariq al-Hashimi to be the president of Iraq, as well as the position of Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, who launched his statement, the famous against the Kurds when he refers to that (what was taken by force will recover by force), not to mention the negative attitude of the current movement on the issue of implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution and to stand against the Kurdish identity of Kirkuk province, and created a state of chaos and targeting Kurdish citizens defenseless in Kirkuk, such negative attitudes make it the heart of our duties and our commitments to our people that object to attempts to alienate alliance Historical between us and the brothers Shiites who shared the struggle against dictatorship and mixed their blood with our blood in the mountains of Kurdistan in the prisons of the dictatorship before, and the current reality requires us to stand against all attempts to replace Maliki, one of our closest allies, quasi-allies who prey on troubled waters and exploit the political differences of interests, partisan, factional and even personal ».

    Although the National Union through the assertions of many of its leaders rejected the idea of the dissolution of parliament and the holding of early elections, and is considered the elections last option in case they could not solutions to the crisis, see the President of the Central Council of the National Union that «an early election in accordance with the contexts of constitutional contained in the text of Article 64 is a realistic solution and optimized to get out of this crisis of political storm and crises coming, because this would lead to the formation of a government majority and the salvation of the governments of sectarian quotas, and to put Iraq on the track of democracy, we have political stability, I see that there is a need to change the political alliances currently in place, and not only those alliances the categories of sectarian, religious or nationalist, I believe that there is a need to expand the frameworks such alliances in the stages of the election to come, as if seeking the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to the alliance with the Dawa Party and Supreme Council and the Iraqi Communist Party and the Arab Socialist Movement and the democratic forces other actors in the whole of Iraq to form a list of Iraqi democracy fighting the next election, then it is possible to get out from under the sectarian alliances, nationalism, and so on alignments of narrow partisan and sectarian ».

    On the insistence of the political blocs participating in the meetings of Erbil and Najaf on the issue of withdrawal of confidence and the overthrow of Maliki raised Murad questions asked the Kurdish leadership to respond to them when he referred to an alternative-Maliki, he said, «if insisted parties mentioned on the withdrawal of confidence, the government will revert back to the National Alliance as the mass of the majority in Parliament, and this means that the alternative al-Maliki will inevitably be from within the National Alliance, and to my knowledge, the most likely candidates to occupy the site are the two leading figures intertwined, al-Maliki on the writer and Hussein al-Shahristani, Could it be that this satisfies the Kurdish leadership?

    Could the Kurds to deal with these two people who have negative attitudes of Kurdish demands for constitutional? ».

    Murad added «I see that instead of the complexity of the crisis and direct routes to more serious, that supports all the parties concerned by the crisis the initiative of President Talabani of the eight points on the convening of a national dialogue to find satisfactory solutions to this crisis».

    In conclusion, the President of the Central Board of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) dialogue with reference to the depth of the relationship between the Kurds and Shiites, and between the National Union and the Shiite political forces, saying, «our history of struggle shared with our brothers the Shiites with their parties and joined forces political, and they are the closest allies truthful with us understand our suffering and recognize our legitimate national more than Those who call us and promises sweet inside envelopes stamped by the points of non-Iraqi, and we will not relinquish this historical relationship for the benefit of the parties without their political programs of any sign of good to our people of Kurdistan, and most importantly, is to be vigilant to prevent any attempts to drag our cause nationalism to the perils of The sectarian wars began will burn everything and everybody in our region, it is our duty to prevent our people from the National incorporating disastrous wars will not survive one »

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