Said the National Alliance, the largest bloc in the House of Representatives that the issue of completing the line-up will be one of the first tasks of the Committee on Political Reform, which formed recently.
The National Alliance announced the formation of a committee of seven members shall prepare a paper for political reform and presented to the political blocs in order Aahad solution to the political crisis the current. A member of the Committee MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati said the completion of the file security ministries will be a priority for the Commission on political reform during the next few days, he said, adding that the committee will in turn examine the rest of the problems and the contract which suffer from the political process in the country. Al-Bayati said in an interview Radio Free Iraq that a committee of political reform will open up to all the demands of other political forces taking into account does not conflict with the Constitution, adding that the political forces today in front of two choices: either accept to conduct reforms, or the survival of the problems the same without any solutions. For his part, played down the spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives of the importance of good supporter of the Commission proposals for political reform, and pointed to it an internal matter for the National Alliance. He said the position of the Kurds towards the current crisis is still heading to the option of withdrawing confidence from the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. stressed good that the problems on the Iraqi political arena, including the issue of cabinet security is not resolved through the National Alliance on its own, but are a general problem must involve all the forces political question. In the face of this disparity in the views of political forces, see Dean, Faculty of Information University of Baghdad, Hashim Hassan said the draft forces that met in Erbil, Najaf may be doomed to failure, especially after the withdrawal of the Sadr movement of it, adding that the best solution now lies in dialogue and interaction with project reform put forward by the National Alliance.