Alsumaria News / Duhok
Considered the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, Tuesday, the issue of oil, "a national issue," stating its intention to sign more contracts with large companies Exxon Mobil, the American standard.

The head of the government Nechirvan Barzani said in a statement received "Alsumaria News", on the sidelines of a meeting of the city of Dohuk with local officials where, "The Kurdistan Regional Government is determined to continue its oil policy," adding oil "the key to progress the Kurdistan region of reason to make the issue of oil a national issue ".

Barzani added that his government "will be signed during the next oil contracts with major international oil companies in the equivalent level of Exxon Mobil," noting that "the region will sign those contracts on the basis of the right granted by the Constitution of Iraq."

The Barzani said in a speech at the graduation ceremony for the seventeenth session of Dohuk University students on Monday, that the solution to the issues of disputed territories and oil, and the Peshmerga of the issues is important and vital constitutional rights, accusing Baghdad to delay the exercise of policy to address these important issues.

He noted that the Kurdistan region resides on the map of the world's energy production and can contribute effectively in providing energy to the world, pointing out that this step will reflect positively on Iraq and the world.

And attack the Iraqi government since the policy of the Kurdistan region in several topics including oil, at the time considered the province of Baghdad criticism is justified.

In this regard, it was considered spokesman for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Azad Ajndiagn, in (June 22, 2012) attacks the media for the Iraqi government on Kurdistan region "a pressure" are designed to Msawmth on the application of Article 140 and the Constitution of the disputed areas, while the president of the Iraqi government not to allow his advisers to "Swords declaration of war" on Kurdistan. "

The origin of the ancient dispute between the Governments of the renewed Baghdad and Erbil to oil contracts concluded by the province and the Baghdad deems illegal, while the province says it's based on the Iraqi constitution and bilateral agreements with the federal government.

And broke out a severe crisis between Baghdad and Erbil on the back of the Kurdistan region in the stop (the first in April 2012) pumping oil until further notice because of differences with Baghdad on the financial dues to oil companies operating in it.

While Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani, in (April 2, 2012) that the Kurdistan prevented Iraqis from six billion and $ 650 million during the past two years 2010 and 2011 because of its failure to export oil, and expected to reach the deprivation score higher in 2012 the current, and pointed out that most of the oil produced in Kurdistan fleeing across the border and often to Iran and not to fulfill export contracts, which pay the other hand, the region to reject and deny the accusations.