Tuesday, July 3, 2012 14:29
Abdul Salam al-Maliki to accept Adawaketl political dialogue open

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. He called for a coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki the political blocs to the acceptance of dialogue open to resolve the political crisis, according to the Constitution.
Maliki said in a statement received by the agency / Baghdadiya News / copy of it on Tuesday that "the political blocs become the binding today to find a clear solution and a permanent political crisis out of partisan interests and ideological leanings or external."

He continued that "the political debate significantly affected the work of the government and its obligations to the citizen and the situation is not likely continue this irresponsible style of some of the political blocs and walk behind the agendas do not want the interest of Iraq and its people."
Maliki reiterated that "the masses have become bound now to accept the open dialogue and overdraft guaranteed by the Constitution and openly to the media and further reforms of comprehensive and studied according to the benefits and the Constitution, and the roof a specific time frame so as not to become forced to go to resolve the Parliament, call for early elections in case insisted some of the blocks on the aggravation of political and try to foil the government of national partnership. ".