National Alliance says that he had received positive signals from the Kurdish and Iraqi
03/07/2012 13:27

Erbil, July 3 (Rn) - The head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, on Tuesday, said the alliance has received positive signals from the masses and Iraqi Kurdistan Alliance to put an end to the political crisis of the list. According to a statement of his office.

He revealed al-Jaafari in the statement that the National Alliance has received positive signals, both of the vocabulary of the Kurdistan Alliance List, or partners in an alliance of Iraq, "I was visited at home more than one party of the two lists, and we talked, we confirmed the necessity to cooperate together; because they are concerned as we are interested in the issue of activating these points, and to find common points and we will divide according to their importance and applicability, and we're working on; to overcome this problem. "

He denied that there is disagreement in the Commission on the reform, saying that "the differences as they are always manage the debate, and opinions vary somewhat, but it was a one-way, which is not differences, but there are points of view differ on some of the priorities that affect the general trend as all parties spoke positive except for one of the parties, who apologized because of health has Oklna on his behalf so they are partners in the Islamic Supreme Council had delivered his point of view a positive message of the three points Satrhaa at a meeting tomorrow, I felt that it was necessary to repeat the meeting until we get to the practical steps desired. "

The statement quoted Jafari as saying that "the National Alliance, formed a committee to reform the basis of adherence to the National Alliance, its responsibility to the present, and because he managed the differences that overflowed on the surface in ways that an Iraqi national accommodate the blocks all of which was entrusted with the task of identifying the visions and strategic goals that he believes in the National Alliance, and each of its components.

He added: "The Committee has so far held two meetings, and powers and wide, which is not a substitute for the political body, and put their decisions and proposals on the political body, whether it took a decision, and the political body are determined by the appropriate mechanisms, and map work, and study the papers before all the intention tomorrow the held its third meeting. "

"We are counting on Asraanhm and love to talk without hesitation and I believe that the signs of health in each entity that does not choke on all the opinion, and listen to others."