03/07/2012 13:40
Uzmatk _ Shaker Darraji: real signs of the Kurdistan region to adopt dialogue to resolve political problems 07/03/2012 13:40

Uzmatk _ P _ Baghdad. U
MP for the State of Law coalition Shaker Darraji: "The compass of the political map began moving toward dialogue and constructive debate to resolve crises, because the dialogue is the language of the wise." Daraji said in a statement received "news agency Uzmatk" a copy of it on Tuesday:
"There are signs of concrete and indicators of real looming on the horizon of the Kurdistan region to move towards dialogue and debate to resolve the political problems and not through conferences and meetings of individual you are trying to put pressure on the Parties other, indicating that the dialogue is the language of the wise is not true that adopted for other languages ​​do not meet the main demand that we aspire to achieve " . He added: "We need to have a commitment to all agreements and all that is at stake, including the National Alliance demands that adhere to the agreed upon within the Constitution is also demanding the political components that adhere to the student by the coalition which exemplified the demands of many raised by the stresses on the implementation and realization of within the constitution. "