Monday, July 2, 2012 15:00
Prevents the central bank banking offices from transferring funds abroad

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Central Bank of Iraq announced that it passed only 400 banking office in the general areas of Iraq, warning offices is approved by the consequences of legal accountability for violating the laws in force, and prevent the central offices of all tasks and restrict foreign remittances, however, banks approved.
The deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq, told / Baghdadiya News / .. The nature of the conditions experienced by the country for the past nine years has prevented follow-up and pursuit of banking offices, which have become prepared unimaginable, but now Fajtfatt situation, and there are laws and regulations be respected by all and an end to random acts. "
He continued that "the central bank authorized and in accordance with the law in force in 2004 to allow for nearly 400 offices and banking to work legally and the completion of the buying and selling rapidly to local customers, noting that" half of that number work in the capital Baghdad and the other half is distributed to the rest of Iraq's provinces except the province of Kurdistan , has been circulated instructions will be acted upon and pledge of all law enforcement and not violated. "
He stressed that "in conflict with any office is licensed, including what is known Bbsttiyat banking or shop random, will pursue legally they violated the laws, because the bypass will work under the supervision of the Central Bank will provide a monthly report on all marginally from the sale and purchase, and may not complete the foreign remittances As he worked in the past, Its role is basically limited within the framework of the local market, it can not be the customer needs for several papers of foreign currency check bank and routine and others here will meet the office wishes, either foreign remittances will be a function of private banks and government, which was distributed by the instructions regarding this topic as well. "
He explained that "if the desire of the customer transfer a certain amount to the outside, but small, he said, in this case will be linked to banking offices banks, and will convert the amount first to the bank across the office and then find its way out, and here too the bank showing the nature of this conversion of the Central Bank, but the customer will be the office banking.
He concluded by saying that the benefit to follow the main purpose of these new mechanisms is to control the foreign remittances and increased control over the movement of funds to reduce the phenomena of currency smuggling, and terrorism financing and money laundering and other crimes that occur within the framework of the movement of money.
According to the statistics of the Central Bank amounted to foreign remittances in 2011 to nearly $ 45 billion thirds of the amount credited to the private sector. "
It is noted that Iraq has suffered from the problem of transfers to the outside or vice versa over the past years has a negative effect on market prices and exchange rates.