Finance announced its intention to establish a parliamentary conference of the government banks to discuss the reality of financial legislation

BAGHDAD - and babysit - The Finance Committee member Rep. Najiba Najib's intention to hold a conference committee of banks in government Chehrtamoz next goal discussed the reality of financial legislation.

She said in a press statement that "the work of the conference, which Sechts government banks will seek ways to the advancement of the financial legislation in Iraq."

Najib expressed the hope that "out the results of the conference can be proposals to serve the laws of the banking sector."

On the other hand stated that the Commission did not receive from the government a draft supplementary budget for the current year, which is supposed to be presented at the end of the month of June or early July of each year. "

She noted that "the supplementary budget is placed in the event of a financial savings of the gross, which is the sale of crude oil and in the absence of such savings can not put that budget."

Najib and showed that "in the event was presented the supplementary budget will be presented for discussion and voted on by the House of Representatives for the purpose of approval" ... p / i