Member of the Kurdistan: Maliki is trying to stay in power through his call for dialogue :
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عضو في الكوردستاني : المالكي يحاول البقاء في السلطة من خلال دعوته الى الحوار

2:02 p.m.

BAGHDAD / electronic integrity

He said a member of the Kurdistan Alliance Said that the Messenger of invitation of Prime Minister to sit at the negotiating table and resolve political problems through dialogue and understanding are just calls to gain time and to stay in power more.

The Messenger "newspaper integrity of electronic" that al-Maliki wants to stay in power and run for a third session, and this is not like most of the political blocs, he said, adding that we are not against a person al-Maliki, but we are against the methodology that is managed by the State, as there are many politicians who can manage the country Maliki is and we have no objection to the nomination of any person from the National Alliance for prime minister.

The Messenger since the government took its functions have not achieved important achievements of the people Until now many of the ministries are run by proxy in addition to that there are many topics that have not addressed yet as a subject of power cuts, and the security file, and many of the problems related to the region such as Article 140 and related issues peshmerga and the Law oil and gas.