Posted Today, 11:11 AM
CBI decides to unite the Iraqi banks for direct telephone banking projectCentral Bank of Iraq that he decided to unify Iraqi banks and civil government in all provinces to directly project the banks telephone that gives facilities for citizens to withdraw financial of any Bullet in the country.
Deputy Governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed’s (Center Brief Media Network Iraq) that “the central bank decided to consolidate the private banks and government to direct a project banks telephone in all the provinces in order to facilitate the process of converting the amount by the customer of any bank in the country,” noting that “the project needs three years of entering the work.” said Mohammed that “Iraq has built a strong infrastructure for mobile phones and nearly 25 thousand a conversion of the amount of money. “
and revealed the CBI earlier that one of the companies that bid for the purpose of establishing the banking system, telephone, a modern system supports transfers of financial assets on a telephone as is the case in the transfer balance mobile phone to someone else. Iraq and deliberately in his dealings of Finance is currently in the conversion and drag on banks and banking companies and the Iraqi central bank is seeking to adopt a more sophisticated means of contributing to the reduction of manual trading of financial liquidity.