Hindawi: Al-Maliki's calls for early elections will not success.
01/07/2012 14:03:00
Karbala / Nina / Muhammad al-Hindawi an MP from Fadhila Party /the Virtue/ described the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's call for early elections as a necessity call and will not success.
He told / Nina / today: "After this call a statement by people close to Al- Maliki said he said it as a mandatory."
Hindawi said: "The reform comes through the national meeting ," noting that " the dissolution of parliament is asked by the Prime Minister to the President and to the presidency of the parliament then vote on the dissolution of Parliament.
He noted that there is a desire of most of the political blocs not to dissolve parliament." considering that" this call will not success." / End http://www.ninanews.com/english/News...ar95_VQ=FMFGDI