Block count on the Liberal Alliance ... and stresses: if it fails we will go to the dismissal of the reforms al-Maliki
On: Sun 07/01/2012 2:10

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deputy of the Kurdistan Alliance said the Sadrist movement is still holding his position regarding the retirement of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, is regarded as a representative for the sacking of Liberal Prime Minister will be implemented if the government stalled the implementation of the reforms promised by Maliki and the National Alliance. The Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahma Khelil said the Sadrist movement is still insisting on the withdrawal of confidence and a fixed position in front of this issue according to the agreements between the political blocs.

Khalil said the "Baghdadi News", on Saturday, "If the government is able to carry out political reforms and government, why have not used since the beginning. Must therefore speed up the implementation of these reforms by the government because we have come a considerable period of time without implementation." The current Sadr is among the political blocs sphincter-confidence and a fixed position in front of this issue according to the agreements between the political blocs has not changed his position. Khalil said, "The real problem today is the loss of confidence because there are promises without performing, so we are in front of a constitutional entitlement and demand the withdrawal of confidence in the Maliki government and that all the blocks of the past in this case because it is the practice of constitutional democracy." Revealed a coalition of state law, led by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday on the status of the National Alliance, a roadmap will be launched in the coming days in order to end the political crisis. The Committee is responsible for components of the National Alliance (Reform Commission) set up a rule for political reform in all joints of the Iraqi state, including members of the Sadrist movement.
to the MP for the Liberal bloc bright Naji about the presence of steps will be taken by the National Alliance, including the formation of committees for the purpose of the reforms that were supposed to be taken since the onset of paper Erbil.
Naji said yesterday: "Some political parties have files related to political reforms and the government will launch soon in front of everyone and we will wait from the government to deal with these files seriously to turn into deeds and acts."
He said, "The political reform and government should be carried out, stressing that "the withdrawal of confidence from the government will be implemented in the event can not be the Government to implement reforms. noting that" the attitude of the Sadrist movement is still going to withdraw confidence from Maliki's government and said that "the mass did not participate in the interrogation process." and Nagy, "The paper Arbil consultation that has been agreed upon by political leaders and sent to the National Alliance, they include 9 items items first seven were included the implementation of and respect for political agreements and encourage reforms and not interfering with independent bodies and respect the independence of the judiciary either eighth point, which refers to (in the event of non-implementation of seven points, will be no confidence) and therefore we insist on the principle of reform, but it must be real and not a reform figurehead to ensure the functioning of the political process and the progress it forward.
The State of Law Coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki announced on June 26, 2012, that the Sadrist movement led by Muqtada al-Sadr left the square to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister and consort with the position of the National Alliance of the Central, a few hours after the declaration of the mass free of the stream they would not participate in the process of questioning in parliament, but stressed its commitment to the vote of no confidence in the event of successful political blocs to submit 124 votes.
was member of a coalition of state law Samira al-Moussawi confirmed, earlier this week, the paper reforms put forward by the National Alliance recently, comes confirmation of the paper which had previously submitted to the political blocs to be included within the paper national meeting convened by President Jalal Talabani to resolve the crisis pending between the political blocs, in addition to resolving the outstanding problems between the government of the center and the region.
said Moussawi said that "the National Alliance, form committees to follow up on what came in the reform paper which had previously submitted to the Commission to prepare a paper national meeting and included a" political reform, legislative and governmental, as well as fix bugs in the relations between the political blocs. "
explained al-Moussawi said that "the political reform will lay the foundations therapeutic for political reform of all state institutions, noting that" the Commission will be involved in dialogue with all political blocs to find appropriate solutions and treatment to all outstanding problems.
the Prime Minister said, in the (24 June 2012) it would not be any questioning of his or withdraw confidence from it before it is "correct state of the parliament," which criticized the presidency of the House of Representatives, on Wednesday (June 27 now), and stressed the need for the presence of al-Maliki to interrogation pursuant to the dictates of the Constitution.'s suggestion drew Maliki, a series of reactions, has seen the Kurdistan Alliance, it challenges that the modern constitution, the state and democracy and is trying to pressure the President of parliament, Osama Najafi, also considered the Iraqi List, to ignore Maliki's demand for interrogation, "a continuation to the method of uniqueness" to power, and warned that Amadah this approach will show the country to danger .