Ministry of Oil: the region refrain from exporting oil through Sumo and sell at low prices

Accused the Oil Ministry in Baghdad, the Kurdistan region of the sale of crude oil produced in which prices very low, describing it as "waste" of public money and national wealth, "which added a loss resulting from the disruption of the region for delivering oil to the Iraqi oil marketing company since last April, denying charges Government of the Territory as a cut off or reduced the region's share of oil derivatives, the most recent statement to the Chairman of Government of the Territory Barzani on Thursday and said it will publish documents that confirm its position. said a ministry statement quoted by the agency (Voices of Iraq), they "find themselves obliged to respond to the statements inaccurate for some officials in the region towards the ministry and victimization on the efforts of its employees, "adding," So denies the oil ministry statements that talked about the cut or reduce the region's share of oil derivatives, prepared by the alien to the truth completely, "in reference to remarks Nechirvan Barzani. The statement said that "the brothers there know before anyone else the government's keenness and the Ministry of Oil to meet all the needs of the region since 2003 to the present day, and that the documented data and figures. " The statement said the ministry's plan "based on a calculation of the energies of the refineries and the quantities produced of them in all provinces, including Kurdistan region, but officials There are demanding the allocation of a rate (17%) of refined oil refineries in the center and south, as well as retaining the quantities produced from refinery region. " the ministry said "stop the region for the delivery of the amount (175 thousand barrels per day) of crude oil extracted from the fields to the company Oil Marketing (SOMO) since last April, causing the deprivation budget of fiscal revenue is a great need it, not to mention the region to sell crude oil produced in which prices very low, and this is another loss and waste of public money and national wealth. " The statement went on to say that "based on the Constitution and the laws that require all provinces and territories deliver crude oil produced in the Oil Ministry representative company Oil Marketing (SOMO) to turn export it through a system of national export, shall be deposited all revenues of the oil source in the Special Account (DFI) under the supervision and control Doleyen. " The ministry's statement that "in order to put the facts straight, and to inform the Iraqi people and public opinion on the truth of what happened and is happening in this regard and confirmation of the credibility of the ministry would Ministry of Oil publish all documents and tables, data and figures on the quantities of petroleum products processed to the provinces the Kurdistan region. " the ministry said it sees the position of the region "away from the equity and contrary to Oazaa ethical and principled, which affect the great harm the national economy and it causes confusion for the Ministry's plans, designed to meet the needs of the citizens of petroleum products" as she put it. The ministry statement said it is continuing to what he described as the "national approach" in the "policy of equitable distribution of petroleum products to the provinces of Iraq, without exception, according to the percentages of population, including the Kurdistan region." The statement added that the ministry "take into account the special climatic conditions in the northern regions to double the share of the citizen in the region of kerosene (kerosene ) in the winter, and try to distance themselves from entering into the exchange of media statements with this side or that, because they put national interest above all considerations. " The ministry called the region "to abide by the constitution and laws so as to ensure the interests of the Iraqi people," indicating that they are issued monthly report regularly demonstrates the nature of this activity, the precise details and distributed to stakeholders, as well as of its publication in various media to inform the public and stakeholders on this and are hiring these revenues to finance the state budget under the laws of the federal budget approved by the Council of Representatives, which includes operating expenses and investment, including the share of the region.