BAGHDAD, June 30 (AKnews)- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as well as the entire cabinet should be interrogated, said an MP from White Iraqiya.

The responsibility in the government is shared by the entire cabinet, Aliya Nusaif said.

She added then if there is any shortcoming in providing the services to the civilians, all the ministers share the responsibility for it "so interrogating the PM alone will target nothing."

It is necessary that the entire governmental cabinet be interrogated and the ministers be held accountable for any shortcoming on their part, Nusaif said.

She also demanded that blocs which nominated the ministries incapable of performing their duties also be held accountable "because they have betrayed the trust the Iraqi people gave then in the elections."

Three forces, Kurdistan Blocs Coalition (KBC), the Iraqiya List and the Sadr Current, are hoping to withdraw confidence from Maliki. The Kurds and Iraqiya MPs are arranging for an interrogation session for Maliki over "constitutional violations."