On: Saturday 06/30/2012 3:52

 Baghdad / Muhannad Jawad al-Maliki and the lion
Agreed political forces not to the possibility of holding early elections as "a clamor media and its transmission is successful," and while confirming the election commission present it will not be Supervisor of the next election after the end of its mission in August next, a student experts on elections, the House of Representatives legislation of the new electoral law before process any new ballot.

Block free and felt "it was not possible to hold elections early in the absence of the elections law and not to the completion of the naming of new members of the Electoral Commission."

A member of the Liberal bloc Jawad Jubouri in contact with the "long" early elections as a "transmission, are unsuccessful at this time."

He ruled out Jubouri that "correspond to the political forces to bring forward legislative elections on the original schedule."

"The political forces on the completion of the provincial law and the quest for an election on time after failing to provide services to citizens before thinking to dissolve parliament and hold early elections."

The Iraqi List, for its part, stressed that "early elections just political pressure can not be made."

The MP for the existing Nahida Daini in connection with the "long" that "the threat of early elections came to put pressure on the political blocs and that outside of logic."

She described the talk of early elections to "media confusion" and that the objectives of the political pressure only, "but pointed out that" The Commission's general elections has declared its readiness to conduct any election. "

In turn, a member of "Iraq" full-Dulaimi, said in a statement to "long" that "talk of early elections is a modern media rather than realistic" and "How can an early election has not yet been chosen members of the Electoral Commission not vote on the law of parties ? "

He added that "early elections leads to more uncertainty and complexity."

For his part, said a coalition of state law that "an early election is the last options that can be reached by the political blocs"?

Did not rule out a member of the "state of the law," Mohammad Chihod "resort to early elections in the event of failed political forces in the solution to the current crisis."

He said Chihod in contact with the "long" that "all the possibilities available to make this election in the event of forced political forces for that." "With regard to the Electoral Commission, the coming days will witness voting on new members in the House of Representatives," he continued, "can Tkadih the Legal Committee of the Parliament for a vote as soon as possible."

He pointed out that "if the political parties was reached to hold early elections For the House of Representatives to take the role away from personal interests and that solves itself."

But a member of "mass citizen" that fall under the National Alliance, Abdul-Hussein Abtan said he was "not possible to hold early elections for the time being."

He Abtan in contact with the "long" to dissolve parliament and hold early elections is not possible and that this will increase the political situation complicated, "noted that" the mass of the Supreme Council declared since the start refusing to hold early elections, although it would benefit the most from it. " . "The mass of the opinion that sit at the table of dialogue and resort to the political consensus is the best way to end the crisis away from early elections."

The former chairman of the Electoral Commission Adel al-Lami said that "re-election or stand for early elections to resolve the first two criteria and the second sensor of Representatives rejected the election results by the Federal Court" he continued, "There are other criteria as the political situation."

He Lami in contact with the "scope" to that "if early elections Parliament must solve the self is an anomaly in the Iraqi constitution, there are no counterparts in the world," explained that "the Iraqi parliament is the sergeant himself is not subject to the authority of the Prime Minister or Republic, which is contrary to the rest of the constitutions in the world. "

"It's the event was agreed to hold early elections, the government will be a caretaker government until elections and the formation of a new government."

Lami called "Parliament legislation to re-election law, which set aside the Federal Court before considering any further elections."

For his part, Chairman of the constituency election commission in the denominator bonded for "long", that "the current commission will end its mission in the month of August next and that any early elections will be held periodically or under the supervision of the work of the new Commission."

He added that "any election needs to begin preparation work prior to him since the arrival of the election law and the financial budget to conduct," and that "his Office was preparing for the elections held under the supervision of six months before the conduct."