"Twilight News" is obtained an official letter shows the cancellation of the Federal Court of internal security in Kurdistan

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012 09:05

Twilight News / obtained "Twilight News", the official letter issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Federal Court which canceled the internal security forces in the region the first in Arbil.

According to the letter of the Ministry of Interior "Based on the requirements of public interest, the Court decides to cancel the internal security forces for the first region (Erbil) to the small number of cases referred to it and the courts is produced.

"The President of the Court of the internal security forces in Arbil, Mohi-Din Muhammad Yunus revealed, yesterday, for "Twilight News" for the Federal Ministry of Interior issued an order to cancel the court in the first and based in Erbil, indicating that the Interior Ministry mandated functions of the court to its counterpart in Mosul.

The Court of the internal security forces in the region in Arbil first formed in 2008, and contains 28 associate, and the most important tasks to consider claims of the internal security forces and border guards in the province.