The Iraqi government shut down the Internal Security Forces Court in Arbil
28/06/2012 18:37

Erbil, June 28 (Rn) - Iraq's government on Thursday, the Court of First Internal Security Forces in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region, while the Director General of Police denied the province to be behind the closure of any politically motivated.

The Ministry of Interior Court today to close the internal security forces for the first city of Irbil, and I recovered all the existing tools and supplies.

And on the closure of the first court, said the President of the Court of the Internal Security Forces in the province Farhad Salah, said that "the Minister of Interior authority to establish such courts, and so far established in five regions of Iraq and every one of them manages the affairs of a few provinces, has been shown to the Interior Ministry said the number of cases brought before it limited Very few, and this made a decision to shut it down. "

He added that "the ministry quoted the court city of Mosul (the administrative center of the province of Nineveh), because of the small claims court in this," pointing out that "the circuit court was competent official of the Iraqi government in Baghdad."

For his part, said Director General of Police in Kurdistan, Abdullah Khilana, he was "not beyond the closure of this Court or any motives of a political decision," noting that "the Court under the Ministry of Interior, and can be resolved as set up by the ministry."

The Ministry of Interior has decided on 23 May / May this year, the abolition of the Court of First Internal Security Forces in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region because of "reduced" need.

The ministry said in a statement, "The reason for the cancellation was the lack of issues raised in front of only a small and limited," adding that "the decision was in the process of reducing its directorates and joints of the ministry, which had previously been abolished in many of the directorates-general."

They pointed out that the ministry "of the Court (in Erbil) did not raise it in 2011 only 68 cases, compared to the other courts, which are crowded with issues."

She says that "the Court considered the third in 2011 by more than 14 thousand cases, and the second court, the issues before the issue of up to 5582, while the Court considered the fourth of the ISF to the issue of 3619."