Member of the Maysan: postponement of the elections may be a political game
Date: Thursday, 06/28/2012 18:35

Architecture / WAP / A member of the provincial council of Maysan Maytham gesture Fartusi, on Thursday, said the postponement of provincial elections and districts and areas step is deliberate and is incorrect because the electoral cycle lag will hurt the electoral process, and could lead to reluctance by the voter.

He told Fartusi Baghdad International / WAP / "The slack made in some councils do not treat him but to resort and prepare for new elections and an early, do not delay and procrastinate."

He continued, "I do not rule out that the delay for political reasons."

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission in Iraq, Faraj al-Haidari announced days before the postponement of provincial elections due to incomplete financial matters for the elections. / End