Thursday, June 28, 2012 19:06
Suhail stresses laws to resolve the last chapters in the last two legislative

Venom glands / Baghdadiya News / stressed .. First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives cut-Suhail, Thursday on the need to resolve the outstanding laws, calling for the parliamentary legal committee to report on the laws and the reasons for the delay.
A statement issued by the Office of Suhail received by the agency / Baghdadiya News / copy it, that "al-Suhail called during a meeting with members of the Parliamentary Legal to submit a report detailed the laws in arrears and the reasons for the delay offered for a vote in the House of Representatives," stressing "the need to resolve the laws late by holding intensive meetings with executives who minister to them the law and find a formula agreed to allow display of the vote. "
The statement pointed out that "the meeting which reviewed the laws that I have read a first and a second was put to the vote, and important laws which ruled that the Constitution legislation, in addition to the bills which will be included in the agenda of the House of Representatives during the sessions to come."
Recent research by Suhail with the Committee on Labor and Social Affairs bills late in the Committee and plans for future work.
The statement noted that "al-Suhail discussed with the Chairman of the Committee Yonadam but laws that have been deferred in the chapters legislatures past and amendments which have been stressing the importance of completion of the Committee to draft laws that serve large segments of Iraqi society and its impact on the institutional work of the state such as the Social Security Act and the Ministry of work, "calling for the convening of meetings of the Committee with executives to resolve the pending legislation."